June 2018 Crossword Key

June 2018 Crossword Key

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    1  What Garrett turboprops aren’t.

    4  The C in the CAPS parachute system

    9  waggle

  10  First step in a flying career

  12  Prefix for engineer and issue

  14  off-runway excursion hazard

  20  What flying isn’t

  21  Google planes or The Birthplace

  23  Compass effect when turning from a north heading

  24  long row of approach lights

  25  ramp _____

  26  The state of SLC

  27  whoa there, 2 words

  30  an inverted flat one is bad

  32  The 1960s and ‘70s for GA

  33  Balance’s partner


    1  Born in Wichita, now from Independence

    2  Marker beacon’s lesser option

    3  Rocket propellant component

    5  Particle with a charge

    6  Word that follows production and test

    7  Abbreviation for what FLCH does

    8  Abbreviation at the point of no more descent

  11  Arrive at

  13  Name-worthy feature of a certain biplane’s wings

  15  With “out,” what an engine might do after TBO

  16  Sticklers insist on this instead of “plate”

  17  Chop down

  18  Buccaneer or Renegade

  19  Standard way to fly an approach, abbreviation

  22  Give way to

  23  Design or fabrication of complex aircraft component

  24  Walter and Olive Ann

  26  The direction that defines flying

  28  Pilot’s playground

  29  180° turn, slangily

  30  Necessary for the “avoid” part

  31  Computer dept.

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