July 2019 Crossword Key

July 2019 Crossword Key

Plane & Pilot Crossword Puzzle, July 2019
The crossword puzzle found in the July 2019 issue of Plane & Pilot.


    1  The Navy’s spectacular demonstration team, 2 words

    6  State where much of the transport is by light aircraft

    8  ADF’s counterpart

    9  Nurses, abbr.

  11  ____ K-Max helicopter

  13  Initial setting on some gauges

  14  NDB’s counterpart

  16  Its cowl flaps give it away

  19  ____ and out

  20  Bad ones can cause accidents

  23  What we depend on our engines to do

  24  Where many airliner switches are located

  25  The “O” in AOG

  26  Stability system used in the Boeing 737 Max, abbr.

  27  Successful LSA from CubCrafters

  30  Regret

  31  ____ E1000 plane

  32  Dangerous dive when flying



    1  What happens with a lateral lift component

    2  The port for techie pilots

    3  Word before plane and nautical

    4  System subject to jamming

    5  Where Linder International is

    7  The first word in radio and air

  10  Warbird place for art

  12  Provide staff for

  13  Deployment __ resources

  15  First word in “Garcia” and second word in “San”

  17  Make a mistake

  18  Nickname for PA-24s

  20  Mountaintop view, often

  21  Happen

  22  What EICAS keeps track of

  23  ___ G3 Mirage or GX

  28  Baseball batter’s contribution

  29  Pressure measure

Plane & Pilot Crossword Key, July 2019
The answer key for the crossword puzzle found in the July 2019 issue of Plane & Pilot.


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