Airline Pilot Training Program
Zero Hours to Commercial PilotZero Hours to Flight Instructor
Training Time Frame5-6 Months6-7 Months
PrerequisiteRead, Speak, Write, & Understand EnglishRead, Speak, Write, & Understand English
AGI – Advance Ground InstructorNoYes
CFI – Certified Flight InstructorNoYes
CFII – Certified Flight Instrument InstructorNoYes
MEI – Multi Engine Instructor NoYes
FAA Knowledge Tests37
Ground Time
Ground Instruction100 Hours160 Hours
Pre-Flight Instruction26 Hours38 Hours
Briefings27 Hours41 Hours
Debriefings18 Hours28 Hours
Flight Time
Total Flight Time250300
Single Engine Flight Time180 Hours202 hours
Multi-Engine Flight Time21.5 Hours28 Hours
Simulator Flight Time (AATD)50 Hours70 Hours
Training ScheduleMonday – FridayMonday – Friday
# of Written Tests37
# of FAA Checkrides36
Package Price$85,000

What’s Not Included in the Package Pricing

Package pricing includes flight training of FAA Part 61 minimums to provide the legal amount of training required by pilots. Logged flight times may vary slightly due to flight check times and other considerations.

The following additional costs are not included in your fixed price:

  • FAA Examiners’ fees of approximately $600 per checkride (paid directly to the examiner)
  • Medical certificate, TSA fees for non US-Citizens, iPad, Headset, Flight Bag & other pilot gear that you will need (purchased separately)